OFF THE CARBS, OFF THE COUCH- This 4 week program is designed to help those who truly need a lifestyle change. The program is 100% FREE, as long as you participate. The participation requirements are as follows-

1- You must complete 4 workouts per week. 3 of the workouts MUST be at our facility. 

2- You must keep a food journal, writing down everything that you are eating. We will provide nutrition consulting to help determine each individuals needs before the challenge. After creating this personal plan, we expect the log will reflect compliance with your plan. 

3- You must write at least 1 reflection per week on how you are feeling. This is essentially a journal to help our staff know if we need to make any changes. 

4- You must take before/after measurements and photos. *These do not need to be shared publicly. We want to make sure you can see the progress you have made!

5- You must have a GREAT attitude! This will not be easy, but we need you to stay positive and trust the process!

*We will keep a credit card on file. No charge will be taken UNLESS you fail to meet the 5 requirements. The charge for the challenge IF YOU DO NOT meet the requirements will be $350. If all 5 are met, the card will never be charged. This is simply an extra layer of motivation to ensure we have applicants who want to make a change. Our goal is to make $0 from the challenge because we want to see everyone follow through!

Please fill out the application below. We will be in contact with applicants as we begin to narrow down our selections. Further details will be emailed to the applicants. Exact start date will be shared with applicants and could vary per individual based on when we schedule the nutrition consultation. 

Any further questions, please email