Dignified has become known as the top training facility in the area. Located in Clarkston, we have created a unique experience through our dedication to results. By prioritizing the needs of our clients, we have developed a unique approach to fitness that is incredibly fun to be a part of. We focus on quality, not quantity. That means that each and every one of our clients is special to us, not just another face in a big crowd. Dignified is much more than a gym, we are a fitness facility. We are about more than just the aesthetics, we are about WELLNESS.


Our Team


Kolin Theede                  Owner/Head Coach |

CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff | Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3) | CrossFit Kids Trainer


Kolin is one of only six CF-L3 coaches in Michigan and one of less than 300 in the entire world. This high level has been achieved through years of dedication to becoming the best coach possible. Kolin has taken this knowledge and created the top gym in the area. He is excited for the opportunity to help you achieve any and all of your fitness goals!


Rachael Thatcher    Coach | CF L-1


Rachael has years and years of experience in the fitness industry. She has participated in everything from boxing to strongman competitions. This broad knowledge and experience makes Rachael the perfect coach to talk to you about anything and everything fitness related. Not to mention her love for nutrition, which she will use to get you on track and see real results!


Anne Clayton       

Director of Athlete Nutrition and Goal Setting | CF-L1


Justin Zuehlke          Coach | CF-L1


Kelly Dryke              Coach | CF-L1

As a former figure skater, Kelly has a way with smooth moves! She will make sure that you know exactly how a movement should look and help you work towards achieving that same pattern. Don't let her small stature fool you, Kelly has everything she needs to push you to your limits!