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Classes are approximately 45-60 minutes.

**No Friday Class​

6 Week Challenge

The challenge includes:
- PULSE MEMBERSHIP  This program is based on hi-energy, coach led, group classes. You will focus on cardio and light to moderate resistance training. This program also uses an advanced fitness tracking system, allowing us to track heart rate, calories burned, and effort! Classes 6 days a week!
- MYZONE ACTIVITY BELT  This will allow us to live stream and track all of your activity in the gym. It measures heart rate, calories burned, and effort. After each class, you will receive a full report of the workout!
- INBODY BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS  You will receive a before and after test. This is a complete body test that will give body fat %, muscle mass, and various other health markers!
- NUTRITION PLAN  We will provide all of the materials and guidance to set up a nutrition plan that will work for YOU! Have flexibility and learn how to eat in a way that is sustainable for more than just six weeks!

- MOTIVATION and ACCOUNTABILITY  Our team is here for you through the entire process. When things get hard, our expert team will be there with whatever you need to stay on track and reach your goals!

Pulse is a heart rate monitored, high intensity strength and interval training program. Using advanced heart rate monitoring and fun group classes, we are able to create an exciting training program like nothing you have ever seen before! 

Pulse is for all levels of fitness, no matter if you are just starting or  are a seasoned athlete. Monitoring your effort through your heart rate creates a level  playing field for everyone in class. An expert trainer will guide you through the class and ensure you perform the movements safe! This class will push you past your comfort zone and help you achieve your fitness goals!

6 Week Challenge


What is Pulse?


Ready to Start?

Our 6 week challenge will not only transform your body, but transform your life! We use the latest activity tracking technology to maximize every workout and get you the RESULTS you have been looking for.  Other challenges set you up for failure by purely focusing on a goal weight, which often leads to the weight coming back after completion. Our challenge, however, focuses on giving you the tools in order to change your life forever! We believe in lifestyle changes that will be SUSTAINABLE, helping you reach and KEEP your goals. Our expert staff and amazing community are ready to help you take the next step on your fitness journey, even if you are just starting out!

Challenge Cost - $200

- 6 Week Pulse Membership - $150 Value

- MyZone Activity Belt - $150 Value

- InBody Body Comp Analysis - $60 Value

- Nutrition Plan - $40 Value

Total Value - $400

Challenge Discount - $200

Cost- $200